Friday, August 25, 2017

2018 Class Dean's List aka National Crystal Ball Updated 9/22

Will be updated with new predictions on the regular with original predictions still listed. Composite rankings from the four major outlets is used in the order.

9/22 Update with the latest picks for 7)Simi Shittu, 15) Moses Brown, 39)David McCormack, 51) Khavon Moore, 92) Michael Devoe, 116)Colin Castleton and 172)Emmitt Matthews.

1)RJ Barrett-Duke
2)Zion Williamson-Kansas
3)Bol Bol-Arizona
5)Romeo Langford-Louisville 

7)Simi Shittu-Arizona
8)Darius Garland-Vandy

13)Jordan Brown-Cal
15)Moses Brown-Maryland
20)Emmitt Williams-Oregon
28)Luguentz Dort-Oregon
32)Devon Dotson-Florida
39)David McCormack-Kansas

44)Jules Bernard-UCLA
49)David Duke-Providence 
50)Jalen Carey-Syracuse 

51)Khavon Moore-Florida
52)Kamaka Hepa-Texas
58)Jairus Hamilton-NC State 

64)Darius Days-LSU
76)Jermaine Harris-WVU
79)Josh LeBlanc-LSU
83)Bryan Penn-Johnson-Washington 

89)Nate Laszewski-Notre Dame
92)Michael Devoe-Georgia Tech
95)Tim Finke-Illinois 

103)Kaden Archie-SMU
108)Talen Horton-Tucker-Michigan St
110)Bryce Hamilton-UNLV
111)Jared Butler-Alabama
116)Colin Castleton-Michigan
120)Tyler Harris-Iowa St
136)Eric Hunter-Purdue
172)Emmitt Matthews-UConn
185)Justin Ahrens-Michigan
233)Javian Fleming-Alabama
254)Morris Udeze-Butler

Accuracy 18 for 20 90% 
4)Cam Reddish-Duke/Committed to Duke on 9/1/17.
9)Immanuel Quickley-Kentucky/Committed to Kentucky on 9/22/17.
11)Naz Reid-LSU/Committed to LSU on 9/12/17.
14)Louis King-Oregon/Committed to Oregon on 9/21/17.
22)Jaylen Hoard-Wake Forest/Committed to Wake Forest on 8/26/17.
30)Silvio De Sousa-Maryland/Committed to Kansas on 8/30/17.
68)Isaiah Mucius-Wake Forest/Committed to Wake Forest on 9/18/17.
71)Luther Muhammad-Ohio St/Committed to Ohio St on 9/22/17.
91)Ignas Brazdeikis-Michigan/Committed to Michigan on 9/22/17.
93)Dwayne Cohill-Ohio St/Committed to Dayton on 9/11/17.
97)Miller Kopp-Northwestern/Committed to Northwestern on 9/21/17.
106)Immanuel Bates-NC State/Committed to NC State on 9/15/17.
115)Jaedon LeDee-Ohio St/Committed to Ohio St on 9/19/17.
123)Torrence Watson-Missouri/Committed to Missouri on 9/8/17.
130)Amanze Ngumezi-Georgia/Committed to Georgia on 9/3/17.
172)Feron Hunt-TCU/Committed to TCU on 9/3/17.
183)Buddy Boeheim-Syracuse/Committed to Syracuse on 9/8/17.
186)Jimmy Nichols-Providence/Committed to Providence on 9/5/17.
215)Marcus Zegarowski-Creighton/Committed to Creighton on 9/4/17.
252)Serrel Smith-Ole Miss/Committed to Ole Miss on 9/14/17.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Scouting Geno Thorpe, Marek Dolezaj and Elijah Hughes

Geno Thorpe

Stat line in game viewed.
South Carolina-11 PTS, 3-13 FG, 5-6 FT, 9 REB, 2 STLS, 5 TO.

-Active on the defensive end and competes really hard.

-Quick hands and anticipates well into passing lanes for steals and deflections.

-Can create his own shot in isolation and score on all three levels.

-Can play on and off the ball at both guard spots.

-Had a couple of tough and-1 finishes at the hoop.

-Rebounds well for a guard and didn't mind getting dirty and scraping inside.

-Had several nice passes for scoring opportunities, but his teammates failed to finish which ended up giving him a goose egg on the assist column.

-Not super athletic and explosive.

-Had trouble finishing in the paint over bigger bodies.

-Prone to force the action when he doesn't need to resulting into careless turnovers.

-Can create one on one in isolation, but had a hard time having much success against SC stingy man D.

-Ball handling gets a bit loose at times.

Thorpe should be able to add good depth for the SU backcourt as a combo guard who can play on and off the ball. Has experience playing in the zone, which should help him adapt quickly on the defensive side. Needs to improve as a decision maker with the ball at SU, especially if Frank Howard continues to regress next season. 

Marek Dolezaj

Stat line in games viewed.
Estonia U18 2016-14 PTS, 3-8 FG, 8-9 FT, 13 REB, 3 AST, 2 STLS, 1 BLK, 6 TO.
Hungary U18 2016-19 PTS, 7-12 FG, 2-3 3PT, 3-4 FT, 4 REB, 4 STLS, 2 AST.
Netherlands U20 2017-22 PTS, 4-9 FG, 14-16 FT, 3 REB, 3 AST, 3 STLS, 3 BLKS. 

-Good size and length for a wing. 

-Very active defensively.

-Very fluid athletically and changes directions well especially on switches in man D.

-Good weak side shot blocker.

-Good offensive rebounder with feel for where the miss shots will land.

-Nice passing instincts. Can easily find the open man in traffic and find cutters for easy scores.

-Showed good instincts on anticipating passes for steals which should translate well when playing zone.

-Finds a way to get to the free line at a good clip and hit those shots at a high percentage in the games viewed. 

-Lack of strength.

-Gets moved and knocked down easily inside the paint.

-Shoots a line drive shot which looks like he's aiming it.

-Can hit the three ball, but needs space or to be wide open in order to be effective in hitting the shot due to his form.

-Ball handling is a bit loose and can get wild at times resulting into careless turnovers.

-Good rebounder on the offensive end, but rarely boxes out on the defensive end and mainly relies on his athleticism to out jump the opponent for the board.

Google recruit/mystery man, is an interesting prospect who presents plenty of versatility and potential. Comes from a well structured background with his development in Europe. Might need a year to get acclimated to the higher level of competition that he'll face in America. Utilizing and taking advantage of the strength and conditioning program at SU will be very important for him moving forward. 

Elijah Hughes 

Stat line in game viewed.
SMU-15 PTS, 5-10 FG, 2-4 3PT, 3-4 FT, 2 REB, 1 AST, 1 STL.

-Good size and strength for a SG and could spot minutes at the wings, but better suited up top.

-Not much shake and bake off the bounce, but uses his upper body strength to overpower smaller guards.

-Not a ball stopper and doesn't hunt shots. Plays within the flow of the offense and moves the ball around quickly.

-Has a nice smooth looking shooting form and release. Hit a pair of open threes.

-Stepped up late on both ends of the floor and was a key contributor in helping cut a 24 point deficit to a tie game down the stretch.

-Not the quickest or most athletically explosive player that you'll find.

-Had a tough time finishing in traffic around the hoop.

-Will make the simple pass play with the ball, but not much of a playmaker off the bounce.

-Although his size and strength suggest that he could play out on the wings, he didn't show much battling inside for rebounds and presenting any threat blocking shots from the weak side.

Hughes is a fundamentally sound player who showed glimpses that he can eventually become a quality role player down the line. Becoming a much more consistent shooter (27% from 3 at ECU), all around scorer and defender in the zone will determine how big of a role that he'll play in the rotation once he becomes eligible for the 2018 season.
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Otto's World Podcast Episode 26
iTunes link. 5 star rating and review would be greatly appreciated.

Episode Description
0-15:50 Thoughts on Darius Bazley and the story behind his commitment.
15:50-29:20 Breaking down the current status of Jalen Carey's recruitment and other potential PG targets.
29:20-37:33 Nate Roberts vs Dimon Carrigan.
37:33-43:40 Louis King and Simi Shittu interest.
43:40-49:00 Buddy Ball.
49:00-52:00 Quick thoughts on 2019 targets Khalif Battle and Quincy Guerrier.
52:00-1:28:30 Evaluations on Marek Dolezaj, Geno Thorpe and Elijah Hughes.
1:28:30 Wishing Boeheim's Army good luck in the TBT Final Four.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Otto's World Podcast Episode 25 Bonus OT Edition
iTunes link. 5 star rating and review would be greatly appreciated.

Episode Description 
1:00-11:40 Thoughts on the latest news for 2018 targets Cole Swider, Eric Ayala and Jeenathan Williams.
11:40-35:30 An early preview and outlook on 2019 targets such as Isaiah Stewart, Kofi Cockburn, Khalif Battle etc.
35:30-41:20 NBA Draft talk about Tyler Lydon and Andrew White.
41:20 Thoughts on what could be a very interesting offseason in the NBA for Cuse family players such as Melo, Dion Waiters, MCW and Tyler Ennis.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Otto's World Podcast Episode 25
iTunes link. 5 star rating and review would be greatly appreciated.

Episode Description
2:20-24:35 Thoughts on wrapping up the 2017 class and expectations for next season.
24:35-31:00 Early outlook on where SU stacks up within the ACC.
31:00-43:00 Player rankings vs Player development?
43:00 Breaking down the current status and updates on numerous 2018 recruits such as Cole Swider, Jalen Carey, Darius Bazley etc.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Otto's World Podcast Episode 24
iTunes link. 5 star rating and review would be greatly appreciated.

Episode Description
2:00-11:00 Thoughts on Mike Hopkins leaving for Washington.
11:00-25:00 The addition of Allen Griffin to the staff and the positives that he can bring for the program.
25:00-44:20 Ether for the fanboys rocking orange colored shades 24/7/365.
44:45-46:20 Tyler Lydon leaving for the NBA.
46:20 Recruiting news and notes with the latest on Jordan Tucker and Eric Ayala.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Otto's World Podcast Episode 23
iTunes link. 5 star rating and review would be greatly appreciated.

Episode Description
Thoughts on March sadness with the Cuse not making the tourney. Plus the current state of recruiting with new offers and options coming about.

0-11:35 Why didn't we make the tourney?
11:35-29:37 Recruiting talk.
29:37 Will Tyler Lydon stay or go?