Thursday, February 4, 2016

Otto's World Podcast Episode 7
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Recapping the last several games during the current important five game stretch in ACC play. Also breaking down my evaluations and thoughts on the committed players and targets from the 2016-2019 classes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Otto's World Podcast Episode 6
Thoughts on the team during their current three game winning streak. Also a preview on the UVA game and the future outlook on the rest of the schedule. As always some recruiting notes and takes.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pope John vs Roselle Catholic Play By Play Recap

Last weekend featured an NJ TOC rematch between Pope John and Roselle Catholic in the SFIC Basketball Festival. Pope John features top 25 wing Louis King. King was the first 2018 recruit to receive an offer from Syracuse. Roselle Catholic features top 10 2018 prospect Naz Reid. Reid like King, already has an offer from Syracuse. Also playing for Roselle Catholic is Andre Rafus. A sharpshooting wing who has visited SU, with mutual interest still going on between both sides. 

The following recap was written by Tee. Much thanks and appreciation goes out to him for taking the time out to provide the writeup.

Defensive rebound King. Rafus great block on the baseline. Far out on the shooter (block wasn't against King, but they look like they will match up at times). King misses mid range. Rafus drains wide open 3 from baseline. Rafus missed one. Rafus defensive rebound. He's guarding a pg at the top of the key. King stripped in the paint when driving. Both teams pretty sloppy but they're going up and down with pace. Naz reid, easy flush, no one in the area. Reid fouls after nearly getting burned covering a quicker player from outside the 3 point line, but he made it close, moved his feet well and stayed with the guy. Contested the shot but fouled. King, moving without the ball but nothing doing - they're not getting him involved right now. RC defense is better than pope john right now, but neither team playing their caliber ball. Early goings. 8-6 RC, 3 minutes left in quarter 1.

King flies in for an offensive tip rebound but fouled on the miss. Hits 1 of 2 at the stripe. Offensive foul on Matt 
Bullock but Naz was at the back door and the alley oop would have been pretty. No basket, whistle and waved off. Louis King spin move in the lane and converts. Very well done. King to the bench for a rest. That's what I get for scoring, coach? :) Ah, if it's the same coach as last year, he knows what he's doing. But Pope John is off to a rough start this year. Naz Reid sets himself, nails the 3 pointer. Snags a defensive rebound and he was almost too inside to get that long rebound. Again, controls the defensive glass with another. Just a lot bigger, longer than the next guy. Then on offense, he steps out and you've got a 6-3 or under looking wing trying to stay with him. Almost a bad situation to me, as he is 6'9 and hasn't had a back to the basket move yet with a clear size advantage. Still, RC controls early, up 15-9 after 1.
PJ starts the second quarter with yips trying to handle the ball. Washington, smaller pg from RC can ball. He's been all over the court. Pope John starts the 2nd with a zone look. Naz finally in the paint and gets to the line. Misses 1st, hits 2nd. RC with a half court trap and King nearly makes them pay from deep but misses. He then converts a bunny slashing in the lane. Looks like Rafus and King not covering each other. King again gets into the lane but misses a cheapy back. He's looking good, getting decent scoring opportunities against what I would imagine is a decent defensive team in NJ. Naz with a steal, gets to Rafus for and an one, but misses the free throw. Rafus doing his part. This is a deep RC team so many people to share. Lots of weapons on offense both guards and bigs. King again drives, misses, gets his own and puts the secon one back. again, RC with so many players to contribute - Bullock inside out and Pierre-Louis as well who can score all over the court. Pierre-Louis with back to back conversions from deep. Reid again to Washington to Rafus in the open court for a two handed stuff. Naz one handed quarterback pass there to get it to the point guard 3/4 of the way down the court. Looking sharp. Rafus deep in the near corner. Sure! Why not?  He's in double digits early.

RC up 31-21, 3 to go in the half. Washington picks a pocket, coast to coast and lays it in. Def rebound Reid. King had a nice move and pass to a wide open teammate three but misses. Rafus cleaning up inside, misses but fouled. hits first. left hits second, has 12 points now. Taylor on rc just hit a three and fouled. hits the freebie for the 4 point play. Washington high off the glass converts with 2 seconds left. with that, RC up 37-27 at the half. Louis King with 7 points thus far.
Rafus turned the ball over early. King might have had the block there on Washington. Naz working low in the post against King and King does a great job of staying upright, contesting Reid and forcing a tough shot that misses. He then forces the offensive foul on Naz a few plays later. Reid then picks up foul #4 and is forced to sit for a long stretch. Pope John now within 3. Louis King misses the deep ball. He looks to be good height, reach to play the wing for SU. Listed 6'8 but he is probably 6'6 to 6'7 right now. Can shoot, slash etc - definitely gives me a CJ Fair vibe. Needs bulk eventually. King just 1 handed jammed one in the half court.

RC lead back to 12 with another Pierre-Louis 3. Again he hits another. Pierre-Louis can shoot the basketball. This much is clear. He's got 16 and 9 after 2 more, this time from the line. 4 out of 5 from long range. RC pulling ahead. Great looking team this year. Tough for anyone to match up when they seem to have at least 7 guys that can take you on a given night. Diallo from PJ has been helping King out with another inside threat. But too many bigs for RC even when Reid is out, they throw a 6'10 post in there. Diallo now with 10, King has 9 or 10 as well. RC with the lead going into the 4th, 53-39.
That might have been Rafus missing from deep. Naz chilling on the bench. RC up big, so no need. King guarding Rafus now. Looks like King contested a Rafus shot from behind but might have been a foul, light contact but Rafus sort of forced it there. Washington oops to Rafus for the....well....oops! Two handed dunk. Rafus pretty smooth, fluid athleticsm. Just slashed and scored again. Naz Reid with a nice mid range conversion coming from the high post. Really tricky prospect to me. I think he could be really special, but I want to say it's at the small forward position, maybe the 4. He's got the inside out. I just want to know what he does up against a guy of his size and strength. He would fair well, I'm sure. But it would be interesting. I think he's more than what he shows off on this level. Competition on the next level will bring that out in him. Hits both FTs. Beautiful touch for a big guy. The two teams are just trading baskets now, fast pace, defense is slowing down. Too many easy buckets for Roselle Catholic and a better defensive effort earlier puts this one 
away for them. 69-46 right now. King with the step in and steals it, then draws the foul but no shot, not in the penalty yet. Louis King misses the 3. Naz runs coast to coast and lays it in like a point! Dribbled a little with his left and he is skilled for a big man, but not ready to do that on the next level. That handle would get turned over against a quick guard. Still impressive to see him do it. All three of Rafus, Reid and King showed signs. High major talent, each one and all are as advertised: King and Rafus would make quality forwards and Naz could end up anywhere in between that and a true post.

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Recruiting Update Article
The latest on all of the notable 2016-2018 recruits. Info on Matt Moyer, Tyus Battle, Taurean Thompson, Quade Green, Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree, etc.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Otto's World Podcast Episode 5
Discussing the first two conference losses, with some insight on what I saw in person at the Miami game. Also talking about the issues that the team faces, the recruiting misses over the years, and an update on Trevon Duval.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Otto's World Podcast Episode 4

Breaking down the current state of the team as we head into ACC play. Also touch base on recruiting with updates about Tyus Battle, Quade Green, and Taurean Thompson.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Otto's World Podcast Episode 3

Recapping The Battle 4 Atlantis and the season overall so far. Also previewing the rest of the OOC schedule and touching base on the latest recruiting happenings.