Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/14-15 News and Notes

Articles and Recaps
2017 Guard Trevon Duval noted as a stand out performer at the Under Armour event.

2017 Big man Nick Richards noted as a top performer at the Nike EYBL.

SU staff shows heavy interest in both Duval and 2017 SG Jordan Tucker.

Duval noted for his play once again and teammate 2017 PG Quade Green listed interest form SU.

2016 PG Tony Carr, 2017 Wing Myles Douglas, and 2018 G/F Cam Reddish all noted for their play at the Nike EYBL.

2016 PG Howard Washington and 2017 Big Man Mohammed Bamba noted for their standout performances at the Nike EYBL.

http://scouthoops.scout.com/story/1537283-duval-is-a-major-target-for-the-orange (members)
Duval is a major target for SU and he talks about what he likes of the program.

http://syracuse.scout.com/story/1537567-bamba-could-be-ideal-fit-at-syracuse (members)
Mo Bamba's AAU coach breaks down his game.

Daily Twitter Updates
Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria  ·  2 hours ago
UConn, Syracuse. Arizona & FSU are the latest to offer 6-11 2017 Mohammed Bamba of the PSA Cardinals & Westtown (Pa.), per his coach
Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  1 hour ago
LRT: Good to see the staff offer Mo Bamba early. Has potential to be top 10 in the 2017 class.

Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  20 minutes ago
Jamal Murray - 14pts, 6rbs, 5asts 5/10 FG at halftime

Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  52 minutes ago
Jamal Murray starts off 2nd half strong. Defends to offense. On pace for MVP...
Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  50 minutes ago
Jamal Murray excites the crowd, down the middle attacks traffic 1-hand hammer.
Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  9 minutes ago
Jamal Murray putting on a SHOW!!
Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  53 seconds ago
Jamal Murray big 3!!!!
Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  47 seconds ago
Jamal Murray final stats- 29pts,8rbs,10ast,3stls. 12/21 FG - I'd guess that's another MVP performance.


2016 PG Tony Carr EYBL mixtape.

Trevon Duval Under Armour mixtape.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

4/12-13 News and Notes

Articles and Recaps
2017 Guard Trevon Duval noted for his play at the Under Armour event.

2017 5 star big man Mohammed Bamba gets noted for his play and upside at the Nike EYBL.

Talented 2017 Wing Myles Douglas receiving interest from SU.

2016 PG Tony Carr, 2018 G/F Cam Reddish and 2017 C Mohammed Bamba all noted for their play at Day Two of the Nike EYBL.

2017 PG Marcus Zegarowski leads all scores with 16pts and 2017 big man Nick Richards chips in with 11pts, 11rbs, and 3blks in a Saturday evening losing effort at the Nike EYBL.

Matthew Moyer finishes his weekend with 15pts and 11rbs in a loss.

2017 Guard Trevon Duval finishes his weekend with a team high 25pts, 5rbs, and 4ast in a win against a team that featured Rivals #1 ranked 2016 player Josh Jackson.

Nike Hoop Summit recap. Jamal Murray wins MVP and leads the World team to victory with 30pts and 5ast.

Weekend Tourney Player Stats
Matthew Moyer 4 games-12.7PPG, 44% FG 20-46 overall, 52% FT 11-21 overall , 6.7RPG.

Sedee Keita 4 games-3.5PPG, 44% FG 4-9 overall, 60% FT 6-10 overall, 4.2RPG.

Tony Carr 4 games-14.8PPG, 56% FG 18-32 overall, 44% 3PT 8-18 overall, 6.7RPG, 5APG, 1SPG.

Quinton Rose 4 games-6PPG, 58% FG 11-19 overall, 2.5RPG, 1APG, 1SPG.

Howard Washington 4 games-13.5PPG, 50% FG 17-34 overall, 81% FT 13-16 overall, 47% 3PT 7-15 overall, 3.8RPG, 2.2APG.

Eddie Ekiyor 4 games-9.2PPG, 43% FG 16-37 overall, 33% FT 5-15 overall, 6.8RPG, 1BPG.

Trevon Duval 4 games-17.8PPG, 46% FG 25-54 overall, 75% FT 18-24 overall, 20% 3PT 3-15 overall, 3.8RPG, 3.2APG, 2.5SPG.

Melo Eggleston 4 games-6.PPG, 25% FG 7-27 overall, 68% FT 11-16 overall, 20% 3PT 2-10 overall, 5.8RPG, 2BPG, 1SPG.

Matt Coleman 4 games-11.5PPG, 42% FG 13-31 overall, 2.5RBPG, 2.5APG, 1SPG.

Jordan Tucker 4 games-5.2PPG, 29% FG 5-17 overall, 31% 3PT 5-16 overall, 3.2RPG, 1.2APG.

Marcus Zegarowski 4 games-7.2PPG, 28% FG 5-18 overall, 75% FT 9-12 overall, 36% 3PT 4-11 overall, 3.3RPG, 2.0APG, 1SPG.

Nick Richards 3 games-13.3PPG, 48% FG 12-25 overall, 80% FT 16-20 overall, 6.7RPG, 3BPG.

Daily Twitter Updates
Josh Verlin @jmverlin  ·  2 hours ago
Bishop Kearny (NY) 2016 G Quinton Rose playing PG for City Rocks today. Great size for the position at 6-5. Really more of an off guard.
Trevor Andershock @INBBallSource  ·  18 hours ago
This is the most aggressive I've seen Moyer been off the bounce over the last two years. He's been looking to get to the paint every catch.
CourtCred @courtcred  ·  41 minutes ago
We-R1 guards Trevon Duval and Quade Green getting to the cup likes its a layup line on 1Nation and they lead 36-26 at half.
 Dan McDonald @DMcDonaldRivals  ·  36 minutes ago
Consider me a big fan of We R1's '17 backcourt of Quade Green and Trevon Duval. Number of high major coaches here watching.
NextUpRecruits.com @NextUpRecruits  ·  31 minutes ago
Trevon Duval () just woke the gym up with a BIG dunk, the bouncy guard is running the show this morning for
Corey Evans @coreyevans_10  ·  9 minutes ago
Tone Carr has had a great weekend for Final. Not the best one today but has some shades of Delon Wright to him. High ceiling Facilitator
Courtside Films @CourtsideFilms  ·  2 minutes ago
Boo Williams gets the W over Team Final. Big time performance out of 2017 PG Matt Coleman

Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  28 minutes ago
2016 commit Matthew Moyer finished up his weekend with a double double of 15pts and 11rbs in a close loss.
Malik Zachery @MalikGOHAMZach  ·  28 minutes ago
Just won Boo Williams #1
Eric Bossi @ebosshoops  ·  14 minutes ago
2018 wing Cameron Redish of Team Final has big boy tools. Size, length, some skill and athleticism

Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  23 hours ago
Congrats to the Albany City Rocks, who were led by Malik Zachery and Hameir Wright on winning the 16U division at the first EYBL session.


Malik Zachery Boo Williams Champs highlights.

Matthew Moyer Adidas Gauntlet mixtape.

Friday, April 10, 2015

4/10-11 News and Notes

Articles and Recaps
Nice video piece about Malachi Richardson.

Live period preview. Expect the SU coaches to have a presence at various events this weekend.

https://syracuse.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1755780 (members)
The latest on Matthew Moyer.

2017 Guard Trevon Duval scores a team high 14pts in defeat.

2016 Guard Quinton Rose scores 13pts and Howard Washington chips in with 4pts in defeat.

2016 PF Eddie Ekiyor scores 12pts and 15rbs in defeat.

2017 Big man Nick Richard scores a team high 16pts in defeat.

Matthew Moyer scores 12pts and 6rbs in victory.

2017 PG Matt Coleman noted for his play on the opening night of the Nike EYBL.

2016 PG Tony Carr and 2017 C Nick Richards noted for their play at the Nike EYBL.

2017 Wing Melo Eggleston finishes up with 12pts, 8rbs, and 2blks in a morning win at the Under Armour event.

Hoop Summit recap. Jamal Murray wins MVP by leading the World Team in victory scoring 30pts and 5ast.

2016 PG Howard Washington leads the way with 22pts in a morning victory.

Nick Richards scores 13pts, 5rbs, 3blks in a morning victory.

Tony Carr scores 17pts, 8rbs, and 6ast in a morning victory.

Trevon Duval leads the way with 24pts, 6stls, and 4ast in a morning victory.

Matthew Moyer scores a team 16pts in a losing effort in the afternoon.

Daily Twitter Updates
Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  4 hours ago
assistant Gerry McNamara will start the live evaluation period in New Orleans for the Under Armour event.
Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  4 hours ago
LT: Notable targets at that event are 2016 C/PF Seder Keita, 2017 G Trevon Duval, 2017 wings Melo Eggleston and Sidney Wilson.
 Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  2 minutes ago         
Team Final also getting good guard play from Roman Catholic (PA) 2016 star Tony Carr. Coming off a monster high school season.
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  16 minutes ago
Forcing a little too much right now, but 2017 NY Lightning F Jordan Tucker showing great range for a 6'8". Confident kid.
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  2 minutes ago
City Rocks have an excellent sleeper in 2016 G Quinton Rose. Length/feel for the game are next level. Will make major noise soon.

D1 Circuit @D1Circuit  ·  3 minutes ago
G Tony Carr (): 17 PTS, 6 REB, 6 AST for Team Final (PA) in a win over Stampede
D1 Circuit @D1Circuit  ·  39 seconds ago
G Matt Coleman (): 14 PTS for Boo WIlliams (VA) vs STL Eagles

Corey Evans @coreyevans_10  ·  7 minutes ago
Nick Richards has just earned himself some offers from this half. Unreal length, hands, and energy in the paint
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  3 minutes ago
2017 wing Myles Douglas also looking good for Team Takeover 16's. Using his length to create problems on offense.
Matthew Moyer @matthewmoyer13  ·  10 minutes ago
Was so happy to see coach hop at my game!

Corey Evans @coreyevans_10  ·  2 hours ago
Mohammed Bamba plays in spurts but talent sure doesn't lack. Long bodied Sophomore with giant ceiling. Jay Wright/Pat Chambers here
Corey Evans @coreyevans_10  ·  2 hours ago
Great, great showing by Najja Hunter today. Scoring it at all 3 levels on the floor and defending different spots in the HC
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  2 hours ago
Good flow and polish to the game of City Rocks 16U PG Malik Zachery. High IQ 2017 kid who utilizes the mid-range jumper.
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  31 minutes ago
Boo Williams 2017 PG Matt Coleman has the goods. Can't be taught. Incredible feel. Supremely skilled. Always in complete control.

Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  18 seconds ago
Jamal Murray will be playing for the International team at the Hoop Summit coming up live on ESPN2 at 3.

Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  15 minutes ago
Jamal Murray doing what he usually does and that's getting buckets. Already has 9pts and a couple of assist in the Hoop Summit game.

Mike Schmitz @Mike_Schmitz  ·  45 minutes ago
Murray is cooking. Killed all week in practice. Scoring in so many different ways. Versatile guard. Can play both guard spots.
Mike Schmitz @Mike_Schmitz  ·  18 minutes ago
Murray far & away the best player in the half. Splashed from deep, finished in traffic. Has average burst but changes speeds/direction.
Hoopniks @Hoopniks  ·  51 minutes ago
Really love the way Jamal Murray is attacking/aggressive on the offensive end thus far. Should he reclass to '15, he can be an impact guy.
Hoopniks @Hoopniks  ·  46 minutes ago
World up 3 on the US with a 4 1/2 minutes left. US not doing a good job containing Jamal Murray, who is scoring from all three levels.
Tariq Sbiet @Tariq_NPH  ·  42 minutes ago
J Murrayyyyyyyy. There is no doubt he's ready for next level, mentally and physically
Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  6 minutes ago
Despite some bad mistakes late, Jamal Murray leads the way with about 30pts in a 2pt win for the World Team.
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  37 minutes ago
Incredibly high ceiling for 2017 C Nick Richards of . Great shot-blocker with a high motor. Offense will come.

Jerry Meyer @jerrymeyer247  ·  54 minutes ago
Love upside of Syracuse commitment Matthew Moyer. Very difficult to defend. Bouncy athlete. Needs strength.
Eric Hampford @3ricHampford  ·  18 minutes ago
Don't be surprised to see 2017 PG Marcus Zegarowski's name start popping up more and more as the spring rolls on.

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie  ·  12 minutes ago
Asked Jamal Murray post game about reclassifying to 2015. Said its still an option, needs to sit down with his dad and consider options.
Indiana Elite @indianaelite  ·  1 hour ago
Matthew Moyer () led the 17s with 16 points in a 63-59 loss to the Atlanta Celtics.

Sonny Bairos @sonnybairos  ·  38 minutes ago
Canadian Int'l Howard Washington Jr in 2 games Saturday in EYBL; 21.5 ppg, 7/10 3PT FGM. Niagara Falls, ON born, Buffalo, NY raised

D1 Circuit @D1Circuit  ·  6 minutes ago
Team Final sophomore Lonnie Walker is lightning fast in transition. Has to be one of the fastest end-to-end in the EYBL.

Paul Biancardi @PaulBiancardi  ·  35 minutes ago
Duke is now inquiring about G Jamal Murray who had 30 PTS -5 Assist for the World Team in a win Currently 2016 could go 15'

Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  6 minutes ago
Big ups to my dude Malik Zachery () on leading his Albany City Rocks 16u squad to the final four tomorrow at Boo Williams.


Keep an eye on 2018 Canadian forward Simi Shittu, who is considered to be the top prospect in his class from there.

Matthew Moyer with the opening night facial slam.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/8-9 News and Notes

Articles and Recaps
Tyus Battle is feeling the love from SU his dad says.

2018 Guard Cam Reddish noted for his standout play at the EYBL scrimmages.

Rivals updated 2016 rankings. Notable rankings. 15)Tyus Battle, 44)Matt Moyer, 61)Sedee Keita, 77)Tony Carr, 84)Howard Washington, 89)Eddie Ekiyor.

Matthew Moyer returns from playing in Italy, gets ready for AAU action, and reaffirms commitment to SU.

Is Jamal Murray back in the picture for SU?

Hoop Summit practice updates featuring Jamal Murray.

Daily Twitter Updates
Lineage of Champions @MyLineOfChamps  ·  9 hours ago
Syracuse will be in today to see 2017 SG Terrell Turner of McArthur HS per

Terrell Turner

Friday, April 3, 2015

4/3-5 News and Notes

Articles and Recaps
Malachi Richardson recruiting Thomas Bryant to join him at SU.

McDonald's game recap. Bryant scores 9pts, while Richardson goes scoreless.

Update on Bryant's recruitment as he scores 27pts and 19rbs in an opening round victory at the Dick's Sporting Goods Tourney.

Thomas Bryant commits to Indiana.

Daily Twitter Updates
Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  22 hours ago
Big ups to 2016 commit Matthew Moyer on dropping 20pts, 8rbs, and 6ast today out in Italy.
Dean Francis @OttosWorld365  ·  13 minutes ago
2016 commit Matt Moyer continues to play well overseas in Italy with a double double today. 15pts, 10rbs, and 8ast.


Thomas Bryant McDonald's game highlights.

Malik Zachery EYBL scrimmage highlights.

Monday, March 30, 2015

3/30-31 News and Notes

Articles and Recaps
http://scouthoops.scout.com/story/1531514-coleman-ready-for-second-tour (member)
Update on 2017 PG Matt Coleman.

Malachi Richardson and Moustapha Diagne both make NJ's first team all non-public team.

Tyus Battle sets up visits in April with Duke and Louisville.

Thomas Bryant says he hasn't heard from either Kentucky and Syracuse in a few months and that Indiana is working the hardest for him.

Max Zegarowski earns all state honors. Also a 2018 prospect name Chris Doherty is a player to keep an eye on.

Thomas Bryant noted for his play at the McDonald's Game practice.

Malachi Richardson talks about his McDonald's All American experience and staying committed to SU.

Daily Twitter Updates
AllMetroHoops @ehoopsshowcase 2 hours ago
Malachi Richardson really stroking in this 4on4 session.
Jerry Meyer @jerrymeyer247 2 hours ago
Malachi Richardson has shot the ball well. No surprise there, though.
Eric Bossi @ebosshoops 2 hours ago
Malachi Richardson looks pretty good ripping jumpers. Always catches it shot ready.

Jerry Meyer @jerrymeyer247 8 hours ago
Quick initial impression: Thomas Bryant and Isaiah Briscoe look impressive physique wise.
Jerry Meyer @jerrymeyer247 7 hours ago
Lots of things to like about Thomas Bryant. My favorite is his passion for competing & his love of playing the game.
AllMetroHoops @ehoopsshowcase 7 hours ago
Nobody having more fun out here than Thomas Bryant..very expressive
Eric Bossi @ebosshoops 7 hours ago
Thomas Bryant has competed well. Can't resist taking a three from time to time but he is strong and has tremendous energy
CourtCred @courtcred  ·  58 minutes ago
Malachi Richardson finished with 17pts in the 3pt contest.

Scott Burgess @scottybscout  ·  1 hour ago
Been impressed w Thomas Bryant in practices. Great strength in paint. Finishes. Quick moves. Solid passer out of post
CourtCred @courtcred  ·  1 hour ago
Thomas Bryant is really working hard on the low block, showing his passing ability as well. Pretty good for a big man.